Dictator of Your Choice

Fellow deputies and cyborgs-to-be! Greetings to you all!


Let me first report on my great achievements. Guided by me we have already reached the top 5 goals of our last 15-year plan, 6½ years ahead of time:

  • First: Nationwide we have implemented 2 billion CCTV cameras as well as facial- and voice-recognition, artificial intelligence systems, smart phone- and GPS-tracking and DNA-decoding to guarantee the safety of our people´s property and life.
Elena Hrncirik in: Dictator of Your Choice/ Video Installation  by G. Schmalz (Still 1 by Reinhard Mayr)

  • Second: We successfully established our community bonus-malus system: Thanks to 24/7 video surveillance and data analytics we know our people inside out and can help them orient themselves. If one doesn´t know how to behave right, sanctions will teach this person forever. If for example someone forgets to honor me, the great leader, three to five times a day, this person will be blocked from using our public transport system, visiting restaurants and travelling abroad for 15 months and 24 days. That is how everyone will learn the rules of our society.
  • Third: To outstrip the economies of other nations we focused on quantity and on high-quality manufacturing assisted by robots. With 98 Million cars built last year, we are the world´s biggest manufacturer of motor vehicles now. We are also working hard to become the number one producer of automated lethal weapons.
  • Forth: We invested large sums into innovative research groups and businesses that focus on biomedicine, neuro technology, sci-fi weaponry and space programs.
  • Fifth: By sending a living horseshoe bat, our national symbol, to five African nations, we tightened our diplomatic bonds with our African friends.

Now I will I show you how I will lead you into a glorious future and how we will become the number one innovation powerhouse not only of this planet, but also of the Moon, Mars and Venus.

Elena Hrncirik in: Dictator of Your Choice/ Video Installation  by G. Schmalz (Still 2 by Reinhard Mayr)

I, your great leader, command our top scientists, entrepreneurs and data workers to set up artificial intelligent systems and smart infrastructures in order to collect and process more and more data of our citizens´ and other nation´s citizens. Via tech and data we can fully control our own people and also conquer the heads, hearts and hands of other people´s nations and planets (if we find people or living matter there).

By covering the entire planet with our digital network based on AI, we can make sure everyone becomes a productive element of our great, superior nation. Via AI we will steer every thought every human thinks, every emotion one feels and every move one makes. We can define the routines of every human being. We can assist everyone in their second-by-second decisions and entire life to make them devoted citizens and workers in the spirit of our glorious world tech dictatorship. Me!

If some of you deputies don´t like my style, fine. Individual decision making (like voting) is overrated anyway. As soon as you are connected to the government controlled internet via a chip implanted into your brain you will submit to me inevitably.

Elena Hrncirik in: Dictator of Your Choice/ Video Installation  by G. Schmalz (Still 3 by Reinhard Mayr)

My first goal is to keep our people safe from robbery, danger, death and certain ethnic groups we all despise. So called individuals who display skeptical, disrespectful, aggressive, and vicious behavior are stopped. I will personally take care to suppress any bad influence on our people and our system of thought, by a) implementing 2 billion more CCTV cameras in our nation, 6 billion CCTV cameras in foreign countries, and 11 billion bugs on our people´s smartphones and those of foreign users, by b) learning about foreign power strategies while spying on foreign agents, and by c) controlling the thoughts, acts and technologies of our foreign enemies.

Harmony is my power plus our nation´s technological knowhow.

Let lotus flowers flourish, not laziness.

Thank you for your cooperation and devotion. Thanks for handing over government responsibility to me again for the second time – as a symbolic gesture that shows your respect for me!

Let me quote the greatest leader of history, apart from me, Zizi Belong Mong: Do not be afraid of ascending and descending winds; the society is evolving out of ascending and descending winds. If its general orientation is correct, people can make trivial mistakes. My firm believe is that they can correct themselves in practical work and community life.

Fellow deputies! Board the rocket to the future with me. Let´s create a universe marked by three factors: (first) progress, (second) expansion, (third) submission. I will be the greatest leader till I die (if I die – our medical and technical specialists are working hard to prolong my life into eternity).

Waving with one wing of our national symbol, the horseshoe bat, I humbly say: Trust me, or you will be excluded from each and every of the few privileges this nation can offer you, or you will be among the first to be brain chipped.

Thanks for empowering me so that I can disempower you, and all the others.

You have earned it!

© Gisela Schmalz

Video installation (Part A) by G. Schmalz // Opening Reception 30-11-2022 at Stadtmuseum St. Pölten.