National Business Parkway Clique

In June 2013 it was revealed to the public that the NSA runs two far-reaching spy programs named Boundless Informant and PRISM (Planning Tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization and Management). Shortly before an ex-freelancer for the technology consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, Edward Snowdon, had informed journalists of the British newspaper The Guardian about the US´s most clandestine operations.


… American private companies, such as the Boeing subsidiary Narus, firms like CSC, Logicon or Palantir, supply the national intelligence services with technologies. Like Booz Allen Hamilton these companies also support the government spying actions and make a fortune with it.

Palantir Technologies Inc. was cofounded in 2004 by early Facebook investor Peter Thiel. Thiel is also a cofounder of PayPal which makes him a member of the so called PayPal Mafia. This clique includes by now prominent and rich Silicon Valley business men such as Elon Musk (SpaceX, Tesla), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn) or Max Levchin (Slide, Yelp).

Thiel´s company Palantir develops security and financial software and distributes it to the authorities, to intelligence services or companies from the financial sector. Palantir Technologies is headquartered in Palo Alto, where Thiel´s payment service PayPal was also founded. Palantir´s division Palantir Government creates analysis tools for US authorities that deal with counter-terrorism. It develops so-called link analysis software that could also be interesting for the NSA.



On a road in Maryland, with much apropos called National Business Parkway, many technology, engineering and IT companies have settled close to the headquarters of the NSA – Booz Allen Hamilton, BAE Systems and the civil and military aircraft manufacturer The Boeing Company included.

Those responsible in the US intelligence agencies, the US military and the US private sector are geographically and also personally close – thanks to revolving doors that are twirling and twirling. From 1992 to 1996 Admiral John Michael McConnell was Director of the NSA. During the administration of George W. Bush, son of the former US president and former Carlyle consultant George H. W. Bush, Admiral McConnell, was the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). From 2007 to 2009 he supervised all US intelligence agencies.


In 2009, the admiral took a new job. He supervised the business section named “National Security” at Booz Allen Hamilton, Snowdon´employer. The change of personnel between the public security and the military sector on the one hand and the private IT sector on the other hand brings forth a new remarkable concentration of power.

This concentration has its in roots in cliquishness – which is the topic of the book Clique Economy – The power of networks: Goldman Sachs, the Church, Google, the Mafia…” by Gisela Schmalz.

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